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The Original Flame Stencil Kit

Have you ever wanted to have professional looking flames on your car or truck? Mild or Wild? Bag of Flames is designed by Steve Martinez for the do-it-yourselfer.


This kit is designed to enable anyone to layout symmetrical flames with ease. Don't be fooled by imitations. We are the only complete flame pattern kit available.

Welcome to Bag of Flames!™ The Original Flame Stencil Kit

Get the hot look of flames without getting burned.

Now it’s easy to paint flames on your car or truck without spending your entire paycheck (or more!) to have someone else do it.

Bag of Flames™ is an easy to use stencil kit designed by Steve Martinez. It’s fully stocked to include everything you need to create the look of a professionally done custom flame job. (Click here to see the video of Steve Martinez using Bag of Flames™).

Unlike other stencil kits which seem to leave you wondering how to do it right, Bag of Flames™ includes everything you need including instructions for positioning the patterns so you can achieve perfectly symmetrical designs.

Your Bag of Flames™ kit includes:

  • 2 patterns (1 for the hood and 1 for the sides)
  • 1 pounce wheel
  • 1 bag of chalk
  • Easy to understand instructions

Here are 6 tips to create perfect flames:

  1. Align the pattern
  2. Perforate the pattern with the pounce wheel
  3. Transfer the pattern to the vehicle surface with the chalk
  4. Flip the pattern over to achieve symmetrical looking flames
  5. DO NOT use a razor blade and/or exacto knife – these can score the finish and create serious paint problems!
  6. Use House of Kolor custom paint products for best results (but Bag of Flames™ can be used with any custom paint products)

Our Products

Bag of Flames Complete Kit

Everything you need to lay out professional looking flames.
(Save 20% when you buy 3 or more complete kits!)


Bag of Flames - Basic Kit

Bag of Flames Basic Kit

This kit included patterns and instructions only.
(Does not include pounce wheel and chalk)


Pounce Kit

Includes Pounce Wheel & Chalk


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