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1989 Ford Mustang – Project Real Street Part 3: House Of Kolor Paint Job

By Steve Turner, Photography by 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Staff

Apparently because of its reputation for high quality, House of Kolor is unfairly considered an expensive paint. Our local rep, Ernie Banfalvy, explained the company’s product is not that much more than competitive paint-it’s simply most often used on custom jobs such as our flamed and faded Real Street car. For example, the paint supplies for our car cost in the $800 range, but by the time you do wild paint such as ours, you’re looking at a $6,000-plus job thanks to all the labor. However, you could do something cool such as a monochrome job in the Lemon Yellow (the brightest yellow we’ve seen) base-coat we used, still look cool, and not spend nearly as much.

From there, we had an illustration created so the painter would have a better idea of what we wanted. Of course, having a skilled painter working on a custom job such as ours was key. One of the guys in our sales department turned us on to Abdullah Baker and Auto Specialty Custom Paint & Body in Longwood, Florida. There, Kevin Busby and Patrick Daharm of Bermuda’s KP Custom Design do high-end work for many of the athletes and entertainers who run their SUVs and sports cars through Auto Specialty and its sister car stereo shop, Audio Excellence. With the illustration in hand, Kevin and Ernie came up with a wild combination of paints to make our car stand out-and keep the paint in great shape for years to come. Then we replaced our worn-out exterior gear, and beast became beauty.

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