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1989 Ford Mustang – Project Real Street Part 4: House Of Kolor Paint Job

By Steve Turner, Photography by 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Staff

Once the rolling chassis received its basecoat, it was time to hang the doors, the fenders, the hood, the nose, and the rear bumper cover before commencing the final paint work. Our friends at Year One really bailed us out on this project, because the Auto Specialty crew discovered our fenders and moldings just weren’t in good enough shape to be sprayed. As such, Year One supplied passenger- and driver-side fenders, as well as all the door and fender moldings, on short notice. Thanks, guys!

Despite his painting prowess, Kevin had never shot flames before, so we opted to use House of Kolor’s Bag o’ Flames template kit as an outline. Here, House of Kolor’s Ernie Banfalvy demonstrates how to perforate the template with a pattern-maker’s pinwheel.

With the template perforated, it is taped to the body at the painter’s discretion. Kevin and Patrick dust the paper template with powdered chalk to outline the flames. Then the template is carefully removed to show the chalk outline that the painter uses to tape off the flames. Cool, huh?

We picked up our shiny, new Project Real Street on March 1, 2002-a scant week before the NMRA season opener in Bradenton, Florida. We had a lot of work to do, but a beautiful new canvas to work on thanks to Kevin, Patrick, and Auto Specialty.

She’s getting close now. The flames are taped off, and Kevin begins spraying the flames. He fades the flames from light gold to red, then tops it off with clearcoat laced with House of Kolor’s Ice Pearls for some extra sparkle.

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